We believe in founders with vision and commitment.

Hong I. Wan Tallac Therapeutics

We build exciting companies that can accomplish big goals.

Karun D. Naga The Foundry, LLC

We fund novel, disruptive technologies to transform patients’ lives.

Susan Molineaux Calithera Biosciences

We are partners, collaborators, and mentors.

Adam D. Gridley Allay Therapeutics

Our vision is broad, and so is our commitment to patients.

Jaume Pons ALX Oncology
100 Years of combined operational experience
19 Acquisitions
2 Industries:
Biotech & Medtech
1 Shared goal: bringing Impactful treatments To patients

The best people, the best science.

Our experienced life science investors seek out visionary founders to translate novel scientific breakthroughs into clinically and commercially meaningful therapies.


We don’t just invest in ideas. We invest in people.

Lightstone Ventures was founded in 2012 to empower big-thinking founders with vision and commitment to bring innovative therapeutics to patients in need.

What defines us:

Our experience spans all stages of company growth

Our team collectively has nearly 100 years of company-building experience. We have been part of start-up ventures of all stages and played a critical role in evaluating, guiding, and building successful healthcare companies.

We are partners in company building

Fostering successful companies does not just mean writing a check. We not only back our companies financially, but we partner with them to navigate their day-to-day functions. Our team works hands-on with founders to help establish a strategy that can transform their vision into commercially viable products.

More than investors – we are guides

We invest with a long-term vision and patient capital that will fund the company through its life cycle from start-up to commercialization. Using a thesis-driven investment strategy, we focus on understanding key market sectors and seeking out disruptive technologies while building and nurturing relationships with key thought leaders.

Our reach is global

Our global footprint with offices in the U.S. and Ireland allows us to build a network with non-U.S. strategic and financial funding sources, as well as exploring novel development and commercialization strategies in these geographies.

Our portfolio companies succeed

Lightstone team members have been involved in some of the largest venture-backed life science exits over the last decade including: Ardian, Acceleron, ALX Oncology, Calithera BioSciences, Claret Medical, Disarm Therapeutics, MicroVention, Nimbus, Plexxikon, Portola Pharmaceuticals, Promedior, Proteolix, Ra Pharma, Tizona Therapeutics, Twelve and Zeltiq.


Big Ideas, Bright Futures.

We back driven entrepreneurs developing breakthrough therapies and technologies that have the potential to be industry-first or industry-leading products.

The success of a company is determined by its people, so we work closely with biotech and medtech founders to build teams with the experience and ambition necessary to achieve their goals.


Our team looks for companies developing first-in-class drugs, across all modalities including small molecules, biologics and cell and gene therapies. We are focused on several disease areas including the central nervous system (CNS), immunology with particular interest in autoimmune diseases, next-generation approaches in oncology and ophthalmology.


We look for founders with big ideas targeting the convergence of technology, medicine and consumer health. We see promise in companies focused on personalized medicines and targeted therapeutics that leverage data analytics and scientific platforms—groundbreaking medical technologies that address major diseases across immunology, cardiovascular, neurology and ophthalmology.

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A common passion for uncommon discoveries.

We are like-minded collaborators with a shared purpose: to integrate business and science into breakthrough companies that can change the lives of patients.

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